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I have been a structured settlement broker since 1988 working both the plaintiff and defense side of brokerage in Canada and the U.S. My company, Bentzen Structured Settlements Inc., was one of only three approved structure firms in the province of British Columbia.

With 54% income tax and the cost of living competing with northern CA and NY, not to mention some political changes that was threatening to change the way B.C. did structures, it was time for a change. I moved to Nashville, TN in 2000 to do structures there.

In 2003, after IRC 5891 was implemented, I took the big step over to "the dark side" with the goal of riding the white horse, as it were.

I am the only (ex)structured settlement broker working on the "factoring" side. I do not advertise directly to the annuitant but rely only on referrals from my structured settlement broker peers. Who better to assist an annuitant in their time of financial need than someone who has a vast amount of experience putting structures together?! Additionally, I earned my CSSC (certified structured settlement consultant) designation in 1999.

I still live in Nashville, TN with a husband and 3 children.

What can I say?'s ben fun!!


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